PF10 is ISO 9001:2008 certified


PF10 Impianti Industriali

is the Company that combines know-how and experience of its staff for to design and manufacturing of filtration and liquid gas treatment plants, produces systems for renewable energy and industrial fans, providing post-sales consulting and technical assistance. PF10, develops, designs, builds and integrates advanced technologies into ist products.

PF10's business philosophy is based on commitment to provide quality services that don’t merely -get the job done- , but create value for the client. PF10 is constantly searching to promote tactical approaches to solving problems and becomes partner with its clients during this process.

Company policy



Strengthen our position in the global market by high competence, first-class quality products and excellent customer service;


The best team wins

The right team members are our most valuable asset.


Danaher and its team will win because:

We are team-oriented with involvement

We seek fact-based root-cause solutions - not blame

We are accountable for results – and we deliver

We have high integrity and respect for others



Quality First

We base our strategic plan on the Voice-of-the-Customer

Robust, repeatable processes yield superior Quality, Delivery, and Cost that satisfy our customers beyond their expectations Continuous Improvement is our way of life

We aggressively and continuously eliminate waste in every facet of our business processes.


Leading Edge Innovation Defines Our Future

We continuously apply our creativity to the technologies of products, services, and processes.

Out-of –the-box ideas, both large and small, add value to our enterprise.

We accomplish “breakthroughs” through the Policy Deployment process.

Our offices:

Via Orobie, 12 - 24042 Capriate S. Gervasio (BG) - ITALY

Phone +39 (02) 9092529 - Fax +39 (02) 90929262

email: info@pf10.net


• PF10 provides high qualityproducts and services

• A Workshop with suitable tools and experience to build still structure, piping, frame and vessels

• PF10 provides an excellent service for start-up and plant installation